Saturday, December 23, 2006

A Short Christmas Story On The Road...

You can't make this stuff up! It' a true story. It's also a very short story. A few days back in another campground, I was sitting outside the coach "potsing" around as they say. Actually, I had purchased a new fishing vest and was deep into the process of reorganizing the tackle from the box and working it into the vest in order that I could fish from the kayak, or while wading, without needing to drag around a tackle box. I guess it's basically a fly fishing thing, but for life in a coach and a kayak you make each thing you have do at least double duty, maybe more. There were a few new fishing plugs and I picked up a new small rod and reel combo for Marilyn who doesn't necessarily like fishing, but LOVES casting and can't wait to get out there. And so I rigged her rod, stuck a plug (lure) on the end and sat at the picnic table and made several casts out onto the street and retrieved them by reeling the plug back in. A guy from a coach parked nearby, an older gentleman, walked up to me at the table and, with a big grin on his face, told me the following:
"Son, I don't know where you're from. But 'round these parts, we usually throw them plugs into the water somewhere. Gives us a much better chance of actually catchin' somethin'. But you sure do look like you're havin' fun anyway."
We both had a good laugh and a nice conversation followed. Even got some hot spot tips from the locals. But it was that quote that I thought was the noteworthy part of our little chat.
I liked it at the time and I still enjoy thinking back to the moment. Makes me smile.
Now it's getting close to Christmas and the end of another year. I had reason to correspond with our long time client and now good friend, Joan K. Our work for her will end when the year does, but in our correspondence I thanked her for allowing us to work for her and she thanked us for the work we had done. And then she added a comment that made the metaphorical connection for me between what the old angler had said and what is going on in my life.
"You worked hard to get where you are and it's nice to see dedication rewarded! This is not to say I don't miss you both but, hey, you are out there thoroughly soaking up the best of all the experiences!"
My line IS in the water. We be fishin'!

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