Friday, December 8, 2006

Get A Life!

Get a life! An expression we here a lot these days as more and more people get caught up in the hubbub of there own busy lives. We use it to tell someone else to "get real", "get going", change an attitude. We tell ourselves we've got to "get a life", meaning we need to stop working all the time, take some time for ourselves, see things we've not seen before, go places we haven't been before, do things we haven't done before. So why would a thought like this pop into the head of someone out on the road, supposedly doing all the things involved in "getting a life!"
Because we only had 4 days here in Key Largo. Had a great trip getting here. Couldn't wait to get here. Had lots of things planned to do and see- and then, for the most part, didn't do any of those things. Needed a repair on this thing and a part for that thing, and some supplies that could not be obtained in the Keys so had to drive back onto the "mainland" which pretty much shot another day. There was mail to get out, and bills to pay, and correspondence to handle and, well, you get the idea. And for a moment or two I thought about telling myself to "get a life." Stop with all the necessary chores of my day to day life and just go out and see Key Largo.
But in truth, I already "have a life". And it's a pretty darn good one at that. It's not like I'm on vacation out here- I'm not. That takes some realizing. I'm just doing things a little differently than I used to do them. I AM seeing Key Largo- but not like the people on vacation- like a guy who lives here and has a job to do, a life to live. And so I go see what I can see that is special in the time I have after I have done what I must do. That will always need to come first. There should be plenty of time for the other things- fishing, swimming, sight seeing, kayaking- the things you want to do the most , but not the things that are the most important.
So I have seen Key Largo for a few days. I had a life here. But I will need to come back . We will need to come back. Because in the Keys, there a lot of things to see while you are living your life. And if you can't understand that---well, Get a Life!


coxohl said...

I just read your get a life. You sure hit the nail on the head. I went through some of the pictures enjoyed them alot. Phoebe is busy doing pot luck baking for this afternoon. We are now hooked up to dsl and I am wireless for the house. Its great I can connect anywhere I find a signal bedrooms, kitchen and pool area. Phoebe has a new mobile number and I hope she emailed it out. 239-443-9536
Hope to see you guys soon.

Chris said...

Well said! After 3 years, I still find it difficult to determine whether I'm on vacation or at work. It doesn't seem OK to sit at my computer all day, working, just looking out at beautiful vacation-land. But, actually that is what I so love to do ... that's *my* life.
p.s. no - I didn't get Abby's card.