Wednesday, December 20, 2006

ABBY: Drinking and Driving!

Sure, we put a bowl down for Abby, but that's NOT the cool way to catch some refreshment when you're "trukin". So after seeing us drink from cups and water bottles day after day, she learned that if she was fast enough to the mark, she could get a lick at the bottle before the water was poured into he soft sided travel bowl. That was fun! But what she really wanted was to drink from the bottle, which she now does pretty handily...and the bowl catches whatever she misses for "later". Yes! She has her own bottle. At least I think so. Either that or Marilyn is letting her drink from mine. We use the coach RO to refill the water bottles. Very practical and economical.

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Steve Tibbetts said...

That Abby is a little darling! But what is an "RO"?

Marilyn: Nice toe ring!!

Greg said...

My dear friend and super safety engineer guy, Steve, "RO" is "Reverse Osmosis"- the most effective water purification system on the planet- ANY water can be made potable (well, almost any...)Would you expect us to use anything else?