Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Keys To Florida

We have arrived at our first stop in the Florida Keys, a place called Fiesta Key which is actually a small island with a map location more recognizable as Long Key, at Mile Marker 70. While it will start to fill up fast now as Christmas approaches, it's a bit more like "Siesta" Key at the moment- rather sleepy with so few rigs in camp.

Here are some points of interest about the Keys for those of you who may not have been here, or who were here but may have been so overwhelmed by the vibrant turquoise and deep blue and green waters that you paid no attention to factoids about the place you were visiting. The Florida Keys. There are 42 bridges connecting 100 islands (or "Keys) and stretched out over 126 miles from Key Largo to Key West- the southern most point of the continental United States. On the overseas highway (Rt 1) 18.8 miles of the total span are bridges, which is 15 % of your total travel time (depending on traffic patterns of course). The longest single bridge is 7 miles long near Marathon Key and this span connects the "middle" keys to the "lower" keys. In addition to stunning water vistas and rich tropical colors, fishing in the Keys is world class, as is shelling, beach combing, watersports, shopping, tourist attractions, and people watching. Snorkeling, diving, and boating are "key"attractions as well. Some would add Margarita and beer drinking to their activity list. Hey! Hey it's five o'clock somewhere.... Since we plan to be in the Keys for the next two months, plus or minus, we should have fun developing some detailed reports for you soon.

For now, we are nose out to the Gulf of Mexico. All set up. Christmas tree adorned and lighted sitting on the round table that clamps on to the steering wheel when we are staying put for a while. Writing this in my swim suit! Don't worry... no pictures of that- I respect you way too much for that! In the eighties (the temperature, not me). Clear blue skies after a "relief" shower moved through last night. Ready to visit and celebrate Christmas in the Keys. Joy to the world!

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