Thursday, December 10, 2009

International Market of Naples

Maybe not really so international as the name implies, but oh what a wonderful time we had exploring the tight and narrow isles of Naples International Market. We visited the store without knowing what to expect; was it really international and there would be all kinds of unique and even bizarre items for sale? Well, not really. But it really was a terrific international market- as in Mexican and Central American fare! It was a flashback moment in time for us. It reminded us of our five years of living in Honduras. Way more like "Eldons" and "Warrens" on the island of Roatan than we thought could possibly exist here in America, let alone the upscale neighborhoods of Naples, Florida. Vegetables and fruits that we used to grow when we lived on the island- but haven't even seen since. Especially Apple Bananas. Tiny sweet and succulent bananas with a hint of apple. Fruits more delicate than any fine bottle of wine- at least for my taste. Plantains, the kind we grew and ate every day while we were there on the island were displayed all over the store in great variety. Root crops the names of which are hard to remember because they change from island to island. Mangoes and avocados the size of your head. Peppers in every size and color and degree of heat and sweet! This evening our "fruit bowls" are newly decorated with items we can hardly wait to taste. New markets are just fun. Nostalgia comes where you find it; embrace it when you do.

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