Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Gold

It's the Florida Keys, don't ya see?. It's supposed to be sunny and warm. We're supposed to be swimming and fishing and playing in the salt water and hanging out on the beach to get a tan.... Thank heaven for the back up plan, because it has been cold(ish) and windy and rainy and cloudy and relatively nasty for this time of year. Bah Humbug. Fortunately, we understand that when Florida gives you cold, you order something from Alaska for Christmas. What??? This is the general principle involved in the concept of when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, adapted for Christmas in the Keys.

So keeping this in mind, and because I wanted to give it a try anyhow, I called Joe and Mel at Alaska Discount Gold and made arrangements for them to ship me one of their new three pound bags of Willow Creek "paydirt." I told them I would use it as a Christmas present for Marilyn and that I would give the new product a little write up on the blog to let our readers know how we made out. That bag was here almost before I hung up the phone. Talk about good service. Alaska Discount Gold had that parcel in the system within a few hours- not always easy to do in Alaska. And why is it that the US Postal Service can get mail to Florida from Alaska faster than they can get a post card from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh?

This was a big hit as a Christmas present. Marilyn, who wears a button that reads "Gold Digger And Proud of It" on occasion, was thrilled with what came out of the red wrapped box with the bow on it. She always tries to figure out what I have selected for any gift situation. To keep the process honest, she writes her "guess" on a piece of paper and folds it up to make it unreadable by any means. Then I write down in similar fashion what I think she will guess. Both "entries" are then sealed in a security envelope which is opened immediately prior to the opening of the gift. Was she right? Did I give too many clues? Did she eliminate the pretenders by her clever Q&A leading up to the moment of truth? This time, in a word: NO! Her ESP had let her down. This time she thought she was getting a mini, coach sized food processor. I may have set that scenario up as a bluff; who knows? Anyway, it was neither that, nor was it the "Snuggie" I thought she would guess, so I'm declaring victory in this case of a "draw."

But back to the bag of concentrates from Willow Creek. Would the contents of the bag be as exciting as the beautifully packaged "bag of dirt" that popped out of the Christmas packaging? "Away to the window she flew like a flash, tore open the package and looked for the stash".... in English prose: we set up our portable panning trough and hauled out the gear and Marilyn began the adventure of seeing what was in each small and measured portion as she panned to her heart's content. Concentrates can go slowly, so a three pound bag can take a while and make the fun last. She found gold in every "pan," at a pace so as not to lose anything and send it spilling into the safety pan. More often that not, there was a picker that showed up...and a few nifty little nuggets popped their heads into the light of day as she continued.

When the bag was exhausted and the safety pan checked, there was a very respectable amount of nice, clean, shiny, high quality gold stashed in the one oz. vile. Alaska Discount Gold had made good on their satisfaction guarantee. And why wouldn't they? After all they advertise that if for any reason a customer is not happy with their purchase of the concentrates, they may return the entire lot for a full refund. That's a guarantee that's pretty hard to beat, and impossible to argue with. Simple truth for us with our Christmas purchase- Alaska Discount Gold lived up to everything they claimed. Those of you who know gold prospecting will be able to look at the pictures and know how good the results were. For those of you not so familiar with the amount of gold it takes to fill a vile, let's just say this was a pretty darn good deal! Should any of you decide to give their product a try, please tell them you saw them mentioned on Gundyville.

Now if we could just get back to feeling like we're in Florida instead of Alaska- that would be good. Not that we don't love Alaska, just that when you're in Florida it should not feel like you are climbing Denali.

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