Monday, December 7, 2009

Glade Running

Having escaped unscathed (say that thee times fast) the recent tornado watch in Naples, we headed into the "Glades" to do some research on three camp grounds that could possibly be destinations for future visits to the area. We have previously not had a centrally located launch for in-depth Everglades exploration and activity. All three of our prospects were very nice. One had not yet opened (scheduled to open VERY soon); one has been open a short time only, and one has been around for quite a while. In the coming slide show they will appear in the order I just described: Naples Motorcoach Resort, Everglades Isle, and Chokoloskee Outdoor Resorts. Everglades Isle, on the water in Everglades City, spoke the loudest to our tastes in Florida Camping and the roughly half price special they have on at the time of this writing, encouraged us to book a month plus with them right off- so we will be staying there as we leave the Keys, mid February to mid March. Anyone seeking space in Florida at a reasonable price should call them right off. Usually by now it is too late to get open space in Florida at any place and any price point, let along drop dead gorgeous water front slips (including dock) for a very reasonable rate. The facility is beautiful and wonderfully appointed. At this time, their reservations are wide open- That won't last! Ask for Susan if you call.

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