Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bath Time For Buster

Buster? The affectionate name for our Dutch Star. Of late, focus has been on doctors, dentists, repairs, insurances, and other non fun and non-feel-good kinda stuff. So here in Naples where the park is not only nice, but also paved, it is the time to wash and wax without facing the reality that one day of rain would make it look like it had never been done at all. The time was right for Buster to get a bath. In the past, we have always done the entire process ourselves- four days of washing and waxing and two weeks or more of recovery from wax on/ wax off. But a good price quote and much less time needed to complete the process encouraged us to do our part, but also hire a professional to do the heavy lifting. And not that it should or did have anything to do with it- but this IS Naples and every coach in the park is an upscale rig. Prevosts and Country Coaches to the left and right- all of them spit polished! The time and place had both arrived. One day. I like it!

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