Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Things You See At Ft Myers Beach

There's a lot to see at the beach. Some of it is expected, but some of it is not. Same is true of people in bathing suits- some expected and some most assuredly not. But all of it's good. Well, sort of.......
you see not every body belongs in every suit. But if your attitude fits the situation, well then, that's pretty much what the beach is all about. I think. I mean even the birds are into Sweet and Low these days. Seems a bit extreme, yes?

So consider the beach:
A penny (from deep in the sand) for your thoughts....
some red coconuts as promised on the sign
a lifeguard heron
a laid back watch dog, kites carrying cargo
past a bird on a wire-
the hot tin roof
with big ideas and little fish
tight jeans and tinier swim suits
that call for cameras, tattoos, window shopping.
Funky beach chairs large and small
palms, hibiscus, frangipani flowers
with a Geico gecko hanging out of a plastic pipe...
smiley faces and sunbrellas,
tikis with beer bottles and sun painted silhouettes
over dancing waves rolling in.

It's all at the beach,
and it's all in the slide show if you watch close enough.....

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