Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanks On The Beach

It was a great way and a great place to give thanks on the official day of Thanksgiving- on the beach at Ft Myers Beach with a few of our former neighbors and their family and friends. The day started off a bit on the overcast side, but that didn't deter anyone and in short order the clouds blew away and the sun came out strong.

Carl brought his mean green beach caddy machine, made from recycled materials to resemble a John Deere piece of equipment. It carried among everything else, a long seine which was placed into service right off the bat. The fish and crabs we hauled in drew a crowd in a big hurry and the beach party was off and running. The only thing missing- Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon and truthfully, we didn't miss them all that much.

The fish we caught were used for bait for the surf fishing poles. And for feeding the gulls and pelicans. And for putting in the sand buckets of kids who filled them with water so they could have a fish for a short time before returning them to the sea. And for an appetizer for Bruce Elliot, who never met a sushi he didn't love.

Now if you are thinking he just posed for the shot and didn't really consume the still quivering sardine, then you simply MUST watch the slide show today VERY carefully....

Meanwhile, Bruce, THE fishing fashion plate of the entire beach, rigged his pole with a bobber that perfectly matched his shirt. Coincidence? No way! He's the Man!

In Alaska by now they are fishing through the ice (inland) or in and among the ice (salt water), but it's still open water here in Florida. But there are those among us who can't decide whether this is summer weather or winter weather, hence the combo clothing used by our surf fisher-persons:

The master sand sculpture practitioner took time out from his team's creation to try some boogie boarding. "Dude, You missed the Boogie Board!"

Our "Netmaster", Bruce, took some time to give some cast netting lessons to a young boy and his dad who were clearly interested in all our fishing activities. The teacher and the student both did well and yes, fish were caught!

I'm usually behind the camera, but I stepped in front of it just this once to document that I was in fact there, having an absolutely great day....

L to R: Trace, Michelle, Bruce and Bruce Elliot- The Waddells, our former next door neighbors in Cape Coral and now, at least for this week, our neighbors on Fort Myers Beach.

We played all day, had an amazing group effort Thanksgiving extravaganza (with the Waddells as the group hosts and main kitchen staff) then hit the beach again for sunset and photo ops. Today's slide show will expand on these still pictures and give you a full look at our Thanksgiving Day at the beach. A wonderful day. A busy day. But not too busy for giving thanks......THANKS ON THE BEACH.

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