Friday, November 27, 2009

New Resident "Left-Overs"

No matter how absolutely splendid Thanksgiving is... we always relish the left overs the next day.

Several years ago when we first came to Cape Coral we joined the "New Residents" club. Some 30 of us started out in the group, which like many groups do, dwindled over the years as folks moved away or just moved on.... But before that happened we formed a core group that was, and will always be good friends. We played together, worked together, fished together, helped each other move and tackle projects- just the kind of things friends do. So this Thanksgiving metaphor of "left-overs" all came together at one of the Ft Myers Beach Bars- Junkanoo- where we had met at times in the past. While the group is smaller now, we are no less enthusiastic for having a good time, and that's just what we did on this occasion. Cocktails and light fare at sunset made for a perfect time to reunite. An old toast, some talk of the past, some plans to get together again somewhere, sometime to come. New Residents. Old friends. The left overs are always something to look forward to......

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