Thursday, November 12, 2009

Florida Bound

Moving south, in and out of bad weather, then in and out of good weather. Nothing to speak too much of either way. Ida be gone!

Keeping the promise, here's some follow up on Vein Mountain stay, like the leaves and "balls" clinging to the Sycamore Trees while most of the rest of the leaves were dropped by wind and rain... the moon helped to set the mood down by the old settling pond.

That was the nice thing to keep an eye on. Interesting, but not so nice- the bee hive that produced stings repeatedly throughout the stay. Stings. Itching. A little swelling- no biggie!

We added a "porta storage" unit to our camping repertoire. A tent. A garage. A shelter from the storm. Just some extra space that can be closed up and placed out of sight for those things that have no other place to go, especially on a cold night.

A unique log hauled from the creek made for a neat campfire....

We finally made a side trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It's a lovely drive, even with most of the leaves down for the season. It won't surprise anyone to see the color of the distant hills, hence the name. The slide show ends with a map that is displayed in the crafts visitor center. High end, great quality crafts, very unique- no photos allowed, with the exception of the map itself.

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