Sunday, November 22, 2009

Life's A Beach or...... Bird "Flew"

No swine flu here. But lots of birds "flew" as we arrived in Ft Myers Beach, Florida, and took our first stroll down the beach. It's way early in the season, so for now it is not crowded. The weather is delightful. Bare footin' is the order of the day...and on the white sugar fine sands of Ft Myers Beach it is a very easy and pleasant beach to walk on. No oooooos and ouches here. We set up camp at the Red Coconut right on the beach. The sea breeze was delightful. November has always been our favorite month in this state, and so far we see no reason to re-evaluate that opinion.

After sunset we strolled across the street to an old hangout of ours from the days when we had a house nearby in Cape Coral, Junkanoo- a beach bar downstairs with a rather elegant outside beach dining restaurant, Anthony's, upstairs overlooking the white beach sands and the gentle, for now, surf. We had a long casual dinner and just enjoyed unwinding seaside. It's a Sunday. That means it's a Marilyn-does-dessert day and we wrapped up the day with a hot coffee and a tiramisu. Just perfect. Full, full. Tomorrow is a day to relax and enjoy, then full steam into the dentist chair and the eye exams the next couple days. Is that any way to get ready for Thanksgiving?

Here's a little slide show to share the day with all of you....

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