Monday, December 8, 2008

Sand, Wind, And Aliens

An intended 70 mile each way day trip to Roswell to visit the UFO Museum turned out to be more of an "alien" experience than we ever thought possible. It was windy as it has been when we left the Carlsbad KOA in the mid morning. The trip to Roswell went fairly uneventful. Pulled into the "UFO Parking Only" lot and went into the museum as planned.

Models of what supposedly happened here in 1947 were everywhere, along with supposed letters from every president of the US since detailing why the Freedom of Information type provisions of the law don't apply to release of what the government does and does not know about this incident and such others as Area 51. They even have a photo and text of then Governor Richardson just a few years ago saying that he did not believe the government had released everything it knew- and that an investigation, in his words, "to get to the bottom of the matter," should be launched.

The cowboy (actually he was a sheep farmer) who discovered the wreckage of the UFO is pictured over and over along with military and other dignitaries. And there are images, 2-D, 3-D, and projected of what the alien they supposedly found at the site looked like. Regardless of what others may think, there are a lot of believers here in this town. Even the streetlights have Alien faces painted on them. A bit creepy for my taste.

Even the Alien autopsy is displayed in the primary showcase....that was really disturbing!

Weird. Whether it makes you think...or believe...or even consider for the moment, you shouldn't have to emerge from the quiet of the museum to the unsettled and unsettling atmosphere outside. The wind had whipped beyond where I have been describing of late. The light had that threatening yellow cast to it. The air had gone hazy. And the smell of the dust from the desert permeated the air.

"We're gonna have a dust storm. Now"

My comment was met with the look of "And how would you know that?" though it went unspoken. But any disbelief was short lived as within two minutes it was hard to see across the street. A dust ball blew into town. Severe winds blew without warning. Tumbleweeds showed up and blocked the road before us. Plastic sheets, trash cans, signs, all nature of debris blew down the street. Even one dumpster came whipping across in front of us. A number of stop signs were uprooted - hard to believe but true. The sky grew black. The thought of tornado hit us simultaneously as we headed home as fast as the wind allowed, which wasn't very fast. Ranchers were out with pitch forks throwing the tumbleweeds which had become lodged in the fencing and threatened to blow even the wire fences down. Holding the wheel to keep us on the road hurt my hands. It was not something I would have believed had it not happened to us first hand. It lasted for the full hour ride home. And then disappeared just as mysteriously as it had come upon us. The sky cleared and only the straight line wind that we had before remained.

With weather like this, it is certainly understandable why people believe that "other worldly" matters occur here. I can't say one way or the other about any aliens or UFO's. But the weather is pretty out of this world!

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