Thursday, December 11, 2008

Passing Las Cruces

Well, this is a look at the trip that took us, in high winds and rain and snow, both heavy at times from Carlsbad to Las Cruces. We changed our intended route and headed south around the Guadeloupe Mountains, instead of going up and over them, to avoid even worse weather in the mountains. Good thing I guess because what we drove through was a gigantic mess. One look at these babies and you can see why going around them in a snow storm might have been a really good idea. As it was an elevation of 4900 feet so as it was here.

As we drove, the mountains turned white before our very eyes. Below you can clearly see it IS snow. Again, not what I came here expecting at this point in the year. Bad research on my part I guess. One local told us that this is the warmest winter they could remember in some time. Define "warmest" to me since the nighttime temps have been consistently in the low 20's please.

Any way after a dangerous ride on slippery roads through El Paso, which had tractor trailers jack-knifed and one accident after another slowing traffic, we arrived in Las Cruces. I should be talking about the old village of adobe houses and shops built around lovely courtyards and showing some pictures of those. But instead, all I have to offer is the view from our Hacienda RV Park. It is surely one of the finest we have stayed in anywhere in the country...and that worked out well as Abby, as she had been back a short while, got really sick again. Most of the time we didn't feel like we could leave her alone. Our few trips out were to veterinary hospitals and the drug store to fill prescriptions. We did manage to all take a ride around town one afternoon so we could at least get a feel for the place. There are some very beautiful spots. But the Organ Mountains which were in our front "picture" window for the duration of our stay provided a lovely spot to recoup. The added opportunity to catch up on some rest may just be a good thing for all of us.

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