Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Abilene, Teaxas

Posting this from Abilene, Texas. Essentially I have nothing profound to say. Doesn't matter. I felt compelled to tell you we are here! Some city names just hit me as "classic"! It is still mighty windy. It is still mighty cold. A balmy Texas night hitting 27 degrees is not my idea of being in Texas the beginning of December - BUT - reality tends to trump what I think was, is, or should be. There are lots of cattle farms here (uh, I mean ranches). There are lots of oil rigs here. Driving past the Dallas skyline was not like I remembered it some 50 years ago (last time I did that with my family), but it was still pretty neat. JR, I'm in town, Bubba. Wanna take me and the little woman (yea, right) out for a steak. Mind you, Marilyn can still eat a whopping prime rib (though she doesn't). We are old enough (and smart enough) to have down-sized our red meat portions; however, if you're paying? Well, maybe we should re-consider this one time.

Now, so I don't mislead anyone intentionally, I did NOT see the following photos on the road in either Oklahoma OR Texas today. But our dearest of dear friend Miss Joan, who follows the blog like a hound on a fox, sent us these real life Oklahoma shots which I feel duty bound to share with the masses. Not because they are so outrageous, but because I feel relatively CERTAIN I COULD HAVE SEEN THEM anywhere along the way.... It is Texas! All concepts are LARGE!

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