Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve In The Desert

"Greg, Grab the camera and come out here quick!"

There was a light procession going on. Not since the Southern Lights Chariots of the Night have I seen such grand splendor giving majesty to the night. An all-ATV cavalcade of rolling seasonal adornments materialized from the desert and then passed back into the night, leaving only their digital image behind to announce the coming of Christmas to the desert. It was unexpected. Surprises are not always fun, but this one was. Exhilarating. And mindful of the fact that this is not just another cold night in the winter desert. It is the night of birth. A beginning, and not just the end of another day. As parades go, it wasn't Macy's and it wasn't the Mummers and surely not the Rose Parade, but it rivaled them in the sheer delight of young and old who found themselves huddled together on this night at this time in this place. Joy to our world.

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