Monday, April 25, 2011

T Minus Five

Only five days before we head out of Dodge and head back East, mid-west weather permitting. In a way we are sad to go because, and Lynn-Jude said it best, when the campers leave, the critters move back in. 'Tis true, 'tis true. A couple days back we showed you the two rams that moved in for a drink up on Chapel Hill above camp. Well today, while we were on our way back to the wash with a van full of five gallon buckets to help ourselves to some of the choice gravel in the wash, Marilyn once again spotted some movement up on the hill. Yep, another ram. We watched him for a while through the binoculars, then spotted some more movement in his vicinity. A ewe. First one, then another and another and another, and some lambs- first one, then another....until we had our sights set on 10 sheep. They stayed on the ridge near the water and the chapel site, then moved over the ridge and out of sight. But like the last time, we guessed perfectly where they might come down the other side of the mountain and we were there and waiting as they started down while the ram watched, and then finally followed. Now when we get to the slide show you will see I have probably quite a few more entries in the photo contest than a guy would ordinarily be allowed. But positioning yourself right smack dab into the herd is not an everyday occurrence and I had no intentions of doing anything other than keep pressing the shutter button while the chance was there.

Please look carefully at the saguaros as the sheep cross the face of the hill on their way down to where we were waiting. You will notice, with a sharp eye, that some of the buds at the top of the cacti are starting to open...and just in time, considering our scheduled departure in just a few days. So once I get the sheep shots up and running, I'll follow that with a closer look at the saguaro flowers, which, but the way, are totally awesome, even if a bit hard to get an angle on with the camera from ground level- and trust me, no one will be climbing up the cactus for a better shot.

But first, a look at some imposters: these little lizards were trying to look like the rams keeping watch over the flock- sticking their heads and upper bodies out over the rock ledges to see what they can see.... please remember: you can enlarge any photo by clicking on it, then back arrow to return to the blog text.

Then this little bee, stinger at the ready, hovering beside his saguaro flower and warning off all others...

And a look at the ram's head and horns when I was at my closest...

And two other cactus blooms I haven't shown before...
Slide Show: Ramicans and Lambicans:

Blooming Saguaros:

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