Thursday, April 7, 2011

"Lots" More...

Work continues at Lot F1- Desert Gold RV Resort in Brenda, AZ. The heavy lifting is now pretty much complete, and, knock on wood, the backs are holding up pretty well, although some days dealing with the heat has been a challenge. The reverse osmosis system we put in the coach way back when is certainly paying for itself many times over- as the water here, while potable, is not really good drinking water by any means. I would say the water we drink daily now must surely be measured in gallons per day. Not to mention the ice we go through. Were it not for the r/o, we'd be buying and hauling water more often than not.

The old concrete corner is gone on the new lot and the rock retaining wall in the wash is pretty much built. Some fine tuning remains of course- neither Rome nor F1 was built in a day! But considering we hauled the first rocks and dropped them on the lot boundary just two weeks ago, we've come a long way baby. So today we'd like to give you a before and after look at the portions of the lot where we have been working daily. Materials for a storage shed are scheduled to be delivered this coming Tuesday. That's probably good timing because the wind has started kicking up pretty rough and there is some rain in the forecast. April showers bring......well, you know. And maybe, just maybe there will be time for some shade structure too before we get back on the road the beginning of May. Time will tell!

Meanwhile we'd like to express thanks to everyone who stopped by to "marvel" at the transformation of the lot and to cheer us on. And to the grounds crew who brought the heavy equipment over to help us break up and remove the thick concrete pour at the back corner of the lot. I tried to break it out with a hand maul and a chisel- tough going! And another round of thanks to everyone who volunteered a plant or two that they didn't need to the effort. Team work always produces good results, so "Go Team Brenda!"

Concrete Corner Before:
Rock Wall After:
Rock Hauled and ready for placing, Corner Planting....Before:
Side Border Garden...After:
Corner Planting ...After:
Looking Down the Back Wash....Before:
Looking Down the back Wash...After:
The New Corner....After:

And we found two new desert plants blooming today....and both of them were right in our own new back yard landscape: a red pad prickly pair and a red yucca!

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