Monday, April 11, 2011

El Aguila Ha Aterrizado

So how's your Spanish?

Today, with the landscaping pretty much "closed up" for what we are able to do at this point, we packed up the coach, the grill, the tables, the bike, the smoker, and the van...and made the move from A63 to the corner lot F1. A63 was not a bad lot, but F1 is way bigger- downright roomy- and has mountain views pretty much 360 degrees. We were happy with the work we'd done to improve the lot, but by the time we got situated on the space and got the whole impact of the space with all our stuff nestled into its assigned areas, we were downright thrilled. If there was any question that we had done a lot of work with no real justification, that all went away as soon as we settled in. It just looks good and feels our humble opinion. We have about 20 days left here to get the feel of the place before heading out for the summer run. Next post hopefully displays our new shed. Unless of course we get some awesome new blooming going on before the shed is ready.

Here's what we look like at this point in time. Tomorrow, the materials for the shed are due to arrive. Whoopee!
Clean picture window to improve the view of the mountains:
The new view out the front window...
Mountains out the back too...
Little House In The Desert:
And we built our first Inukshuk! It brings our "arctic" experience to meet our desert foray. No glue, no cement- just rocks in balance.

Have you figured out the translation for the title of the post yet? Yep: The Eagle Has Landed!

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