Sunday, January 16, 2011


Old Tucson Studios. Over 300 Western movies were filmed here. Rio Bravo. Tombstone. Hombre. Outlaw Josey Wales. And television: Little House On The Prairie filmed here for many years. And High Chaparral. Basically if it was a good old Western movie or a good old Western on "the tube"- it was probably filmed here. Titans like John Wayne kicked the same dirt in the streets of the set that we kicked today. The "lot" is filled with props that are classics- from Laura Ingall's wedding dress and the sign over Olsen's Mercantile, to Wanted Posters of Wyatt Earp, guns and horse troughs, and the facades of many a recognizable store fronts.

For us it was a stroll down the path of history, told in the form of film. I think it's gonna have me watching a whole lot more Westerns than I've watched in while.

The slide show is filmed in Sepia. It just seemed appropriate....

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Tapper Lans said...

Very interesting! Especially since "our" generation grew up on Westerns!