Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Big Boys Ride Again

Two years ago we were here in Yuma, Arizona. I had a new Quad (ATV), a spiffy new helmet that made me look like Speed Racer if not feel like him, and a group of friends who wanted to take me on a multi-day desert ride/camping trip. It was the ride of a lifetime. It was really that good. In fact it was so good, I considered leaving things at that, and not going out on such a ride again. I mean, while spoil a record of exhilaration and survival to tempt the fates yet again? But nothing doing- the gang headed back out into the desert night again. Another great ride. A manly ride. A 240 mile ride in two days time. A somewhat more experienced Greg mounted up and rode. But some things had not changed. The "guys" still move across the desert passes at something approaching twice the speed of......not sound, but me. So keeping up is always a challenge. Still, we accomplished "faster" and "further" than I had certainly ever done, so put another notch in the old gun belt and call it good.

In part because I had more riding time under that belt, it was not as terrifying as the previous experience- just a good, solid, hard, fast ride! I had a good time. But looking back, two of the posts I made on that first experience are, to this day, perhaps the two most widely read, re-read, reviewed, and appreciated articles I have ever produced. And I still like looking back at them myself which I suppose means they have stood the test of time- even with me. So since "ain't no way" I could ever top those tales, here are links for one more look if you have the time and inclination. But first a photo or two from this year's ride....

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RIDING INTO THE DESERT NIGHT: Click here to see this 2009 post

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Ken and Linda said...

And I thought you would NEVER take that trip again! Good for you!