Saturday, January 15, 2011

Comparison Shopping

On the way back from the Desert Museum we stopped by our favorite local "Mexican-centric" grocery store. Stores like this carry specialty and ethnic products you are not likely to get, or even see, in most regular grocery chains. In addition to unusual goodies, the prices at such stores are much more reasonable. Fruits, vegetables, staples like beans and rice are not pre-packaged- just select your own, weigh it....and go. We only needed to pick up a few things.

Let's make an interactive game out of this. Here is our shopping list and a picture of our "haul." Price out our shopping list at YOUR local grocery store and report in (blog or Facebook) as to what the same items sell for where you live. Should be fun and interesting....

5 lbs Naval Oranges (not 5 oranges)
3 lbs lemons (not 3 lemons)
1.5 lbs package corn tortillas (not a package of 8)
large bag red licorice (Twizzlers)
3- 1 lb packages of ground beef/pork HOT Chorizo
1 qt chicken broth (store brand)
1 can diced tomatoes (store brand)
2 large bottles of hot sauce (premium brands)
1 lb bag Napalitos (small pieces of prickly pear cactus)

All this, and we got change from a twenty! Wanna play? Copy the list and price it out at you store....

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