Sunday, January 9, 2011

Brief Historical Notes:

Remember Edith Ann from Saturday night live? Little girl who sat in a gigantic chair and talked honestly and directly to the audience.... We found her in our campground in Tombstone. Turns out there is a camping, folding chair model of the Edith Ann chair too. And who knew she eventually went to Ohio State?

Then, on a much more serious note: Arizona Representative to Congress, Gabrielle Giffords, was shot in the head while holding an open session for constituents in Tucson earlier in the day. We were horrified to see it on the news upon return from our ride in the desert. Yet another horrific episode that we will "remember where we were when it happened." It hits especially close to home as we are only one day out from being in that very venue. Marilyn had already told me that "shopping for groceries" was first on our agenda upon arrival there, and this happened outside a grocery store. People have asked if we are OK. Absolutely, timing is everything. As of this writing, the Congresswoman is surviving the ordeal and doctors seem to think that she has a miraculous chance of recovering. Our thoughts and prayers are in support of that miracle. Others did not make it out the other side of the ordeal. All we can do is ask "why?"

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