Friday, September 4, 2009

The Final "That Was Then"

We left Chicken via the Taylor Highway and back down the Alcan this year, headed for Hyder and the real deal Bearville. But two years ago we ventured off across the Top of the World Highway and crossed the mighty Yukon at Dawson City after wrapping up a marvelous and very thorough tour of Alaska- the part you can see "On Wheels." Here then are the posts that wrapped up the journey in 07....That Was Then:

Behind The Blog: Circumstances are different to some degree but it struck me head on how the last in the season feelings of leaving Alaska came around one more time...

I'm tempted to say we were a one trick pony this year in Alaska, staying only in Chicken, prospecting only in Chicken, sightseeing only around Chicken. But in actuality, we spent the entire summer revisiting our past trip to Alaska...around the campfires, at the panning troughs, over dinner or a beer on the deck at the Outpost. We could compare notes with guests, make suggestions to hesitant travelers, assure those who feared to venture where they needed not to fear. We had been there, had done that, and hopefully helped a lot more people to be able to say the same after their trip this year. Alaska In Review

Gold That Tastes Like Chicken
: If you never read another one of my posts from Alaska and Chicken in particular, please read this one. Things were very well in focus when i put those words to press...and nothing has changed.

Travel By Top of the World: There's a reason they call it the Top of the World. The view seems to go on and on for ever. Why they call it a highway? That might be a different story. The Jack Wade historic Dredge pictured has not regrettably been dismantled, but here's one last look at the the way things were on Top of the World.

Down At Dawson: A look at the end of the top of the World and the high kicking Diamond Tooth Gertie

Cruising The Cassiar: A look at what's just a head for this year's trip

West To Alaska? Just grin and "bear" it...

Well, that's about it for this final install on the series from two years ago. Thanks for riding down memory lane with us. Nice to have you along!

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