Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Alaska Fix

We dropped down in British Columbia and then headed west back into Alaska, crossing at Stewart, headed into Hyder. We were looking for a final "fix" on all things Alaska- bears, glaciers, salmon. This time we are here at bit late- at the very end of the chum salmon run in Fish Creek, so the bears are few and far between. The area is a coastal rain forest, so you can pretty much guess what the weather has been like. A hoped for return visit to the magnificent Salmon Glacier will have to wait for another time. The visibility is not adequate to make the venture up the mountain. But damp weather does not necessarily dampen spirits. If you were to visit this place, and decide to stay in whenever it rained, you would pretty much be "in" all the time. So here's a couple stills from our visit and then a slide show to follow.

I salute everyone who has taken great photographs of bears. If there is anything harder to photograph I for one do not know what it would be. They are just plain difficult! Mine always seem to blur a bit, even when shooting at my fastest speed. Light always seems a bit wrong. Contrast poor. I'll keep trying; meanwhile here's what we have for now....

Bear Glacier

Salmon in the turquoise side water at Fish Creek spawning grounds

Old "Griz" looking for a salmon dinner
We look for a "yesterday caught" halibut lunch at THE eatery of choice in Hyder- The Bus

Slide Show:


Jerry and Mary said...

Hi Greg and Marilyn,
Been following your blog as we also are touring Alaska. Love your pictures and descriptions. We are on our way out, too, but taking the in-land passage and getting off at Prince Rupert (Sept. 15). Maybe we will run into you along the way. Our blog is at: www.jerryandmarynorthtoalaska.blogspot.com
Safe travels. Jerry and Mary

Greg said...

Nice job on your blog. Wish when you were eating pie at Downtown Chicken, you would have visited the Chicken Gold Camp right across the street. I could have shown you some real moose, not just a dog named moose! Safe and marvelous adventures; travel on!

Sharon said...

Really cool video! Loved all your photos too.