Sunday, April 5, 2009

New Live RSS Feed Feature

For reasons that will be apparent sooner, rather than later, we have just loaded the left hand side of the blog layout with a new feature: a live RSS weather feed. You will find the feed just below our Google advertisers "ADSENSE" block. While the feed will be set to show instantly the weather report of our choosing, you too can type in the name of a city or state and check whatever weather you would like to check for yourself. Ain't technology grand??? - A question I ask ONLY when whatever it is I am referencing happens to be working properly. And speaking of working correctly- you should be able to click on either "current", "today", or "tomorrow" within the feed box to pull up detail corresponding to your selection. The very idea that there can be (and IS) a weather feed for even small, out of the way towns across America, is a concept that blows my mind- in a good way, of course!

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