Thursday, April 23, 2009

Alaska Trip Day 2 Apr 23

Day 2. A lovely day accompanied us all the way from Pittsburgh, PA to Grandpa's Farm (campground with a hot tub) in Indiana. Aha! A four bagger- Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana. Sounds impressive, yes? But it's really just another 250 - 270 mile leg of the trip. Honestly? It felt like the day that would never end. Pit stops. Dog stops. Fuel stops! Highway construction. A 5 hour run became more like 7 which is why we keep the plans conservative on a day to day basis. Still, the sun was out, the wind took a break for a change, and you could almost see the leaves and flowers coming out along the roadside. It was a nice day. Period. Especially since when we pulled the slides in before take off this morning, ice sheets crashed to the ground and shattered. It was clear. But it had been pretty cold over night- evidence the ice.

As we're headed to Alaska, and we know at least a few people are following us up there a few days back, I'd like to drop an outfitters report along the way: Cabelas has a store at exit 10 on Rt 70 in W Virginia, and Gander Mtn has a store at exit 12, Rt 70 in Ohio. This is much more important information than where the fast food joints are- especially for us!!! Ever try taking a 43 foot coach that's 12'9" tall towing a full size 4x4 van with kayaks on top through the drive up window at Mickie D's? I didn't think so!

Last time we stopped at Grandpa's Farm, the hot tub was being replaced, so forgive me if I leave you staring at your computer screen and head off the the spa zone. I won't get a chance to do this again until we hit Liard Hot Springs in British Columbia on the way to Alaska.

Lets tub in Indiana...........or this:

photos Greg Gundy, Liard Hot Springs, Bitish Colmbia, Canada, 2007


Brits On Tour said...

Hi both, Fossil Jane here from Peace River,I have enjoyed your blog, as we are off to Alaska this year with good friends Mark & Chris. So looking forward to it.

Greg said...

Miss Jane, Fossil Lady Extraordinaire, we hope to see you and your friends in Chicken this summer!