Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sheep Walking

News of the Week:  A Sunday ride on the ATVs to Sheep Canyon proved fruitful and made it clear why the canyon is named what it is. We traveled all the way into the canyon as far as we could go before spotting the sheep but there were two large groups of them at the base of the canyon wall and we sat up our lunch as watched in amazement as the sheep made their way right on up the sheer wall of the canyon and in and out of a series of canyon wall caves. It was most fascinating to take it all in while we ate, like a real live dinner theater.

 Then too, the ongoing moving of sheds from one site to another was in full swing again this week and this two story jobbie rolled down the street and moving in a couple slips down the road from us. Tight fit.

And here are the slide shows of all the activity:

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Rod and Loyce Ivers said...

Shed, or a watch tower so that none of your neighbors activities go un noticed.... LOL... Never seen anything like that before... Nice sheep photos....