Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pinzgauer Parading

What, pray tell, is a PINZGAUER? A pinzgauer is to military style all wheel drive vehicles what the Swiss army knife is to jackknives. It is Swiss. You can take it absolutely anywhere. It will do whatever you need it to do whenever you need to do it. We paraded around the desert with our Happy Tuesday gang and a host of others in three pinzgauers. We went cross country. We went off road. We went up hills. We went down hills. We climbed over rocks. We laughed. We cried. We screamed every so often just to keep it real. And, like on the Big Boy Ride, a story much earlier in the blog from the Yuma area, I think it may have been appropriate to check the under-drawers for the occasional skid mark. Because frankly my dear, we went some places that I didn't think those vehicles could go, should go, and after we went there I may have pondered whether or not I would get back to where the trip started- at least in the condition in which I set out. The scenery was sensational. The experience was not to be missed no matter what questions may have arisen while climbing or descending a rock wall on a trail that was basically less wide on occasion than the vehicle in which we were riding...or so it may have seemed to some at the time. But as you can tell since I am writing this little tale, we all made it back and no, I am not wearing a cast on any of my limbs.

The day long excursion is FREE to campers- one expedition per month during season. Each month explores a different trip and venue, This trip known as one of the most scenic and the most challenging was all it was cracked up to be and then some. Three vehicles, three drivers and we rode with Travis, the owner of our campground. Travis is a really nice guy and a damn fine driver, otherwise I just might be wearing that cast right about now. I say Travis is a good driver....and now I will follow that by telling you that his passion is for racing these incredible machines at BAJA. So if you think he is a timid driver, that would not be correct. And if you think he can't make you feel like you are about to roll over even though HE knows full well you will not- why then you would be correct about that. If you think there is a more invigorating ride, maybe a roller coaster, in some amusement park somewhere then by all means give that a go. otherwise you should plan a trip to Desert Gold RV in the winter season just for this experience if not for any other. I am so glad I went on the ride. Not as happy as I was to get back alive, but happy none-the-less!!!

This trip by name, should you decide to put it on your bucket list is: Vampire Mine. The mine was cool, but getting up there and back down the other side of the mountain- well that is just something you have to experience to believe. You will see in pictures one of the vehicles actually lay over on its side in a dry wash gulley and then right itself and continue on. And one of our drivers went down the steepest hill of the day- stopped in the middle and then backed up the hill in reverse before "coming back to earth." I was not in that vehicle. I will tell you I am glad of that so that I could take the pictures from the vehicle in front. While I did like taking the pictures for sure, that may or may not be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me clean underwear!


 Slide Show of the Pinzgauer Parade:

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Rod and Loyce Ivers said...

Have the Swiss perfected one that is hardened and will take the blast from an IED...? It would appear that is what our armies require now in the war theaters.. But it looks like much fun, and I would have been the first in line...