Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Observatory Trail

I've been busy! This post and these photos have been sitting on the computer just begging for a little attention. What can I say? Too much fun for a writer to pay attention to the craft!

This was another Brenda Gang outing to Harquahala Mountain to "scale" the mountain with our quads and other 4WD vehicles to reach the summit with an amazing view from the spot where the Smithsonian once monitored climatic events from the highest spot in SW Arizona. Remnants of the equipment can still be seen, but rather than being used to "observe" the universe according to the state of Arizona, it now has had its equipment modified so that it controls the extensive canal system that delivers water to various parts of the desert. That in and of itself is pretty interesting, but the views from up there are just magnifico, and the ride up is quite exhilarating as the "road" we travel (more appropriately called a trail- especially in places) rises 4000 feet over the 10 mile length of the trail. It is one of the few rides where going up is actually easier than coming down, as low gears and brakes are the order of the day. Focus! No guard rails up here.

As is often the case AND also the reason we travel in the desert as a group, we had a breakdown three quarters of the way up. Randy's bike started leaking fuel and the carburetor, although the mechanics in the group attempted a "field rebuild" decided that it would agree to go down the hill later but not up the hill now. Shift riders. Up and onward. We'll pick it up on the way down.

Below, Randy owned the breakdown of the week:


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