Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Going Rogue

Don't worry! This isn't the story of Sarah Palin by the same name: Going Rogue. Not at all. This is about history. This is about a river runs through it. This is about a natural water park. This is about jet boating on the mighty Rogue River. We've been here for more than a week already- musseling, fishing, crabbing and sight-seeing. This added a whole new dimension to our local tour.

Originally, the mail boats were rowed by oar, towed by horse and man for the intent purpose of getting mail from the coast to the village of Agnes. Later they tried outboard engines but the swiftness of the river and the shallowness at times of the year made the run difficult at best. Eventually a jet pump was put into service, then a double, and now triple jet engines (with about 1500 horse power) are in service and function not only as mail boats but a wild ride on the Rogue complete with rapid running, 360 degree spins and "break checks" that drench the paying customers on the ride. All in the name of good fun, which it certainly is. Again, though, don't worry! The mail is in a "dry bag" as were my cameras (most of the time).

The boats can do 50 mph and it doesn't matter whether that is upstream or down in the calm or in the rapids. Those boats have big power! They only need 6 inches of water even fully loaded to travel the river. They navigate the waterway much like an air boat would buzz through the Everglades.

We saw wildlife: ospreys, eagles, otters, fish, deer (no bears on this run). Scenery is outstanding. No water park offers more thrills. And we got all this on the ONLY sunny day we have had since we are here. Big time fun.

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