Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Florence Oregon Overview

Another busy day!  A stroll downtown. Some shopping (for bait!)  Crabbing on the dunes pier where the crabs were running big today. Followed up by some "hot-dogging" on the dunes with the atv and a long ride seaside where, among other things, we collected some kelp for "seaweed projects."

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Donna K said...

Enjoyed catching up on your posts from Oregon. Always love seeing my home state through the eyes of others. Makes me want to go back and revisit some places...especially the jet boat trip. Those trips are so much fun. It was on the boat to Agness that we saw the only bear we have ever seen in Oregon! Hope you continue to have fun and maybe see some sunshine. We were in FLorence and Yachats on Tuesday and it was indeed a bit drizzly.