Thursday, July 5, 2012


 It was one heck of a day on the crab dock! Because the crabbing was poor here in Oregon and the males were offshore (they are the only crabs you can keep here) we decided to drive the 55 miles back down to Crescent City in California and fish from the public crab dock there, where both female and male legal size crabs may be taken. It was low tide- not the usual tide for crabbing, but we went down EARLY and had the pier to ourselves. It was a good move. The slack tide in the heavy fog was a real producer and crabs were coming up 5 or 6 to a haul. We limited out on Dungeness crabs at 20 (that ain't easy) and caught two reds to go with them. 100 dollars worth of crab from the boats, 200 from the wholesalers and 300 from the seafood markets. Satisfying! And tasty! We estimate we threw back 60 some crabs that were just barely undersized. What a fun day! Crab in the freezer!

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