Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ocean World- The Original

Another cold, rainy day. Drove up the coast to Crescent City to Ocean World. Now we've been to aquariums all over the place- there is always something new and fascinating to see. This Ocean World is small. Really small. And as an actual aquarium goes, it has very little- only a few local sea water species and they are housed in poorly lit quarters. But what makes this aquarium interesting is that it is entirely housed in an old barge. And even more unusual, this barge used to be the home of the Seattle Aquarium which is now a world class aquarium that we visited last time we went to see Derek and Karin in Washington State. Small is not necessarily bad though. They have three harbor seals and a California sea lion and a trainer that does more of a conversational routine with his animals than the standard trick performance of most of the sea world type set. The crowd was very small, the area was very small, we were all in a close encounter of the Ocean World kind....and the show was actually very different and very interesting and very well done. A sub sea level aquarium housed in a barge on a dark and dreary day is not a good place for photos so there aren't very many, and maybe not very good, but they will serve as a memory for another day at the aquarium.

About this photo? Yea. I know. But I couldn't help myself.

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