Friday, June 22, 2012

Klamath Landing

The north-south backdoor to coastal Northern California forces you north into Oregon before looping back around and coming down 5, then 199, then 101 to Klamath River by traveling beside the Rogue River. I don't know quite frankly which superlatives to use regarding the scenery because I was too busy wrestling my steering wheel to keep the coach and the Quig from getting stove up on the overhanging rock ledges that abut the road and/or the redwood trees as they got bigger and bigger and bigger as we got closer and closer to the coast. The road gets narrower and narrower the whole route. It's touch and go at a lot of spots. Tight! To the point that a long rig (that would be us and the tractor trailers) all had to make wide turns on a road that is not really wide enough to permit that. Which is why I am sure two of those trucks hit head on on one of the switchbacks. It made for a real mess for a while. Just glad it wasn't us- because it sure as shoot could have been....

"So when you are cursing me for sending you down this road by the time you get to the end of it, just remember that is the best available of all the routes that can get you where you want to go.." said a man to Marilyn a couple of campgrounds ago. Experience counts and Marilyn had talked to several big riggers who had come in and out of here on all of the possibilities. This route was their recommendation. And by all we have read, it IS the best. Which, after you drive it, you will realize that is not saying much! Here for about 10 days, we will explore with the van- however, we still have to get out of here and head back to Oregon when we are though here, and even the turn out of the campground is damn near impossible, and is basically a turn married into a cliff. Not terribly looking forward to leaving but the time will come.

Rain. Rain all day. And the parking here is on grass which is saturated now, soft, and basically under water. A puddle next to a river which is rising with all the rain, which is not supposed to be happening this time of year. Oh, well. The salmon run has not yet begun. The rain is so heavy that the photo of the Pacific sea stacks I took when we hit the Pacific coast has not been able to upload to Facebook yet. Maybe it will, maybe not.

Heavy rain, thick fog, some low land flooding- still a beautiful unobstructed view of the Klamath River in front of the coach for the next week plus....

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