Monday, February 20, 2012

This and That in Pictures

Here's the latest picture story of what's happening in the desert!

Here's the current status of the greens we're growing in the all new stand up-don't bend over garden we built. Salad soon! The eerie light is from the shade cloth- the use of which is about the only way you can get such crops to grow in this area. Further south, near Yuma, huge fields of the same crops do very well.

Ever wonder who stood on a tiny ladder all day and trimmed up those orchard trees so nice and neat? No one. This tractor/tool does the job in a jiffy, although on the day we spotted this guy trimming pistachio trees his engine was having a bit of an overworked feeling.

The chili cook-off in Salome caught a break in the weather this year. It rained the last two years in a row. Do you have any idea how bad your luck is if your special day gets rained on two years running in the desert?

Tex-Alaskan Wayne helps Lynn and Jude at the Chili craft venue by doing panning demos just outside the building. He had a constant stream of interested parties. Gold is all the rage!

The local dance team warms up before their performance.

The look of protest appears on Marilyn's face whenever she catches me trying to take her picture without make-up. Ha! Here she works on my "art find" which will appear again a bit later in this post....

Lots of people bring their families to Arizona for a winter vacation. So as not to be accused of slandering any families from any state- I took a picture of the license plate on this mini station wagon.

Inside (well partially inside) was a donkey who thought he was a big dog apparently. Either that or this family has really funny looking kids. Just saying! Now what could be funnier than that???

Well.....look at his brother who somewhat resembles a BULL! I'm sure they are a very nice family though.

A stand of the parasite "mistletoe" grows on the desert scrub brush.

It's very pretty in its winter reddish color....

Back at the new shade structure, we hung my art find up on the shed wall. It was a rusty old table top made of cast iron that I found on a neighbor's scrap heap. Re-worked a bit, it turns out to be one of the coolest Arizona emblem designs I have ever come across. We cut it down, made new brackets for it, sealed it against further rust and gave it a new purpose in life. My version of recycling!

Here it is again....

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