Thursday, February 16, 2012

Geek Qualified!

Yesterday I drove two hours (each way) to Yuma and then stood in line at the Geek Squad counter at Best Buy for an hour and a half to get them to look at my webcam on the Vaio. After a few minutes of trying to get the cam to "kick in" they decided it was a hardware failure of the camera itself and could not be fixed. That was pretty easy for me to believe because I spent hours and hours this week trying to get that little booger to work myself to no avail. So to cut my losses, I purchased a remote webcam to bring home and install so I could "git 'er done." And though we got home after 9PM after a long day indeed, I decided to take one last shot at getting the cam to work on my own. I had seen that although the screen was black when I activated the cam, the power signal to it was activated an! And I could make out the ghost image of the store's bright ceiling lights while it was being diagnosed- so there had to be something working in there!

Sure enough, the control panel feature regarding low light accommodation was checked (and assumed to be functioning) but I turned it off then back on again and "presto chango", the webcam was back in business. The geek had been wrong. I had been right. And so now I have earned the right to wear my Geek Squad T-shirt that I was given by them when they set up my first computer oh so many years ago. So next time you wanna try to Skype me- do it to it, and we'll see if it keeps on working. If not I now have a Gundy-redundancy webcam to install at my leisure, because for sure I am not driving 4 hours again any time soon to return a 29$ webcam.

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