Sunday, February 26, 2012

More From February

With most of the heavy lifting accomplished, we set about fine tuning our little lot here at Desert Gold RV. The balloon spinner, my souvenir from the Havasu Festival a few weeks back found a place hanging from the new shade structure. Our new grill, a Christmas present from my mother, was finally placed into service with some choice cuts and produce which turned out perfectly. The fire pit conversion to gas was completed and we make a slat box to hide the propane tank from sight. Some crystal specimens from a neighbor and a steer's head and a bison skull were artistically placed in the cactus garden. We found a place for the new metal sculpture cactus and fixed it to the ground and did some light "scaping" around the base of it. We filled the hummingbird feeders for the first time- there are some hummers around now but so far they are hitting the neighbors longer standing offerings and not ours; however, the bees are downright happy! We did some Saguaro rib hunting with Tom and Michelle next door and came back with a trophy size plant skeleton that we will be shaping into a planter for the front of the lot in the coming weeks or so; right now I am drying some of my herbs on it during the heat of the day. I made a "rib" face for the planter table- the greens are happy and growing really well now. And this morning we "FLAMINGO-ED" Tom and Michelle's already whimsical garden just for the sheer sport (and tremendous fun) of doing that. The other neighbors have all been sworn to secrecy- although our license plate does say Florida! Oh, and the Met Life dirigible flew over camp this week, so I snapped a picture of that as well as it passed over a nearby saguaro cactus.

The slide show will give you a peek at all of this!

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Clara Camper said...

Desert Gold RV looks like a nice campground to stay at. It seems to me like your settling in just fine. Haha I've never heard of "Flamingo-ing" someone's garden, but I live in Florida, and you better believe I'm going to try it!

Thanks and safe travels!
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