Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What's A Casita?

A casita is a "little house." As mentioned in previous post, we put two of these on our Roatan, Honduras property to turn our home property into a working commercial property- starting as a B&B and continuing on to some limited sea-side "deck dining" and a botanical garden with ponds, waterfalls, wedding party hosting etc. The casitas each had a queen size bed, a kitchenette with stove, frig and sink, a closet and a shower and bath room. They had their own water supply and sewer and, although small, you could be pretty much self sufficient staying in one. They had immediate access to pool and hot tub/spa- just walk out the door across the deck and into the pool or the hot tub. The entire complex was surrounded by lush tropical landscaping and orchids by the thousands, which were in such number that there were always some blooming on a year around basis. A stay in the casita included a gourmet breakfast served on your deck. There was a botanical garden on the island but over time, more people wanted to come see our gardens than actually went to the island botanical garden, which was nice, but also natural as opposed to maintained and manicured. In point of fact, the property was popular to the point where people began referring to it as "Gundyville." When we came back to the states and put "the show on the road", it naturally became Gundyville On Wheels.

Here's a look at the casitas and the area of the property around them:


som said...

oh I loved those little casitas (even without the pool!)

Hope you are hanging in there bachelor style!

Steven rogers said...

Wow! awesome pictures. I would love to stay in a Casita like that! Is there a property manager I could talk to?

Greg said...

Thanks Steven, Our former property is now being run as a high end spa called Baan Suerte. The proprietors name is Nadinia Dye. You can contact her through her website- sorry I don't have that information available at this time.The entire property is gorgeous and in case you didn't notice, it has beautiful beachfront access with fishing dock as well.