Friday, June 10, 2011

Cape To Cape

While Marilyn is in South Africa and Botswana on safari with her sisters, I'm finding I may actually have some time to catch up on a few of my long term blog goals that I've kept on the back burner while we continue our non-stop North American travels.

So for this post, we'll not go to Cape of Good Hope or Cape Town, but rather Cape Coral- which is on the Gulf coast of Florida. The coach and the Quig are both tagged to Florida, Lee County, Cape Coral, where we maintained a very nice home for about five years. Our legal address currently is also Florida, but not Cape Coral. Instead we use a mail forwarder by the name of St. Brendan's Isle, which is generally in the Jacksonville Florida area.

The number one question we get "on the road" is "Where are you from?" That is a long story.... and I hope the next few posts will give some added perspective to the answer to that question. Presently we are "from" where-ever we are parked. That is the stock answer for those who, like us, live full time in a coach, a camper, an RV, or what have you that moves from place to place on a full time basis. Transients. Migrants. Gypsies. Homeless. Perhaps a bit of each but also none of the above. A lot of people think this is a unique life style and I suppose that is true, but certainly the number of people who do just that is vastly greater than many would assume. We see it all if we possibly can. Our perspective on the world, or at least this part of it, is as diverse and inclusive as we can make it.

But where have we "come from?" Five years on the road (with no end in sight) began from the Florida base. The home in Cape Coral was, like many homes in that area, on a canal. It was also across the street from a protected "green" area which was on the Caloosahatchee River. It was a beautiful home, in our humble opinion, and our time there was a very happy time. Many friends. Boating. Fishing. Semi tropical climate. Along with all the good things came the hurricanes. We counted 8 of them in the five year period that impacted us to one degree or another- even if was only to force us to "shutter up" in anticipation of what could happen. We never had damage to our house, although the landscaping took it on the chin a time or two. We were lucky. Not everyone was. Still, the time came, when our "five year plan" matured and we longed to see more, travel more, experience new things...and so off we went.

What I wanted to do here is to post pictures of the Cape Coral house. Re-establish roots by visiting the places we are "from." In reverse order....

We did the landscaping ourselves- which led to a small landscaping and property management company which did very well for as long as we ran it, before eventually selling it. We did the landscaping to make the property as lush as possible- our effort to make the Florida property as close as possible to our Roatan, Honduras Island property which represented the five year plan which led into the Florida five year plan. You can't make the semi tropical regions as lush as the tropical regions of the world, but you can come darn close- and we felt like we did just that.

Beginning with the next post, I hope to start an in-depth look at island life. Of all our five year plans, so called, the Roatan experience was THE most amazing.

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