Friday, January 15, 2010

What Stonewall Wants....

Gundyville does not always accept challenges and we don't take requests.....not on a regular basis anyhow. But our newest prospecting buddy, Stonewall Gene suggested, after we had chatted with him about eating iguanas in Honduras when we lived there, that we take advantage of the cold snap and the "falling like rain" iguanas of the previous post and go out and capture a few of the green lizards. Well I guess catching iguanas is like falling off a bicycle- once you know know how. Of course it doesn't hurt that these little rascals are somewhat slow and subdued in their reaction time right now. It may be a little warmer, but they like it a lot warmer- so advantage Greg on the chase of the day. This is different than what most in the Keys would call the "Catch of the day." Now the capture was done to prove a point (or two). They really were falling out of the trees like we said. And we really do know how to catch and handle them. Ain't no BS going on here (well, maybe a little).

Anyhow this post goes out to Stonewall sitting back in the Inn in one of the Virginias in the cold and snow. See? Not just a pretty face. Mighty hunters are we!

For the record, Gene wanted us to freeze 'em up so he could taste on them later. And Cosmic Bob thinks they need about two hours in the smoker. But I don't need any PETA protests going on by the Seven Mile Bridge here in Big Pine Key, so I am refusing to say whether we released the little guys back into the Mangroves at water's edge, or whether we smoked them for two hours, or whether we did the real men thing and ate them raw then picked our teeth with the toenails. That's right; I'm not saying. It's just that most of you probably can't quite picture Marilyn doing that teeth picking thing, can ya???

I always hunt iguana in my Buffalo hat! Goes back to my native American roots.

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Sharon said...

Yikes! I would be afraid to pickup that critter.