Wednesday, January 20, 2010

No Name Little Big Game

It's like Little Big Horn- only different! I mean, is there a Big Big Horn? I don't think so. But there is surely Big Game and no one needs to explain that to us. But Little Big Game? Search no more. It is what's to be found in the Florida Keys. The gators are smaller. The turtles in the limited bodies of fresh water are smaller. Even many of the birds seem to be smaller. And the deer, known as Key Deer, are much smaller than White Tails and other deer found elsewhere in the state and the country. How small are they? Small enough that they are a bit hard to spot, especially since their habitat is tight and dense and often swampy.

But on this day, we stopped by the information center near Big Pine Key and then headed into the bush, to the Blue Hole, and to the Key known as, what else, No Name. Think of it as a little safari into the Florida Keys. To find what? Little Big Game. Here's what we found:

There is a bit of a Post Script to this. The shot of the two mature buck Key Deer is badly out of focus. It made the cut because they were the only mature bucks we saw on our expedition and we saw them as we were moving forward and they were running right at us. Not an easy situation for a clear shot. But I just couldn't NOT include it....

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