Monday, January 25, 2010

A Break In The Wind

It was in a tightly packed campground on Sugarloaf Key two years ago where we first met George, Susan, and Melissa. They had been packaged into the sardine can directly across from us and we talked as is common amongst neighbors in a campground. While that camp is tight, it is also very nice visually and pretty well run with lots to do and a friendly staff- always a plus. One of the topics of discussion back then had been about how on earth we were going to be able to get out of the slip when the time came- it was that tight and we are that big. Size may not be important, but it DOES matter when it comes to being able to navigate around the trees and other rigs. It seems our new friends were headed out early... on their way to go to Miami to attend a concert. That freed up the space for us to get clear and onward we went....

Then on one of the only nice few days at this year's stay at Fiesta Key (our most recent stop) we were bobbing around in the seaside pool when both we, and they, realized we had met before- two years previous as described above. The friendship was rekindled but the weather changed toward the virtually lousy and we never had a chance to do things with them before the time came to lift the jacks and roll down the road a few miles. But we vowed that if and when the weather changed again for the better, we'd hook up and have some fun.

That day came very recently and back up Highway 1 we traveled to spend the day with them at Fiesta. First order of business, bacon and eggs, then take the Starcraft out on the now calm turquoise waters of the Keys to see if the fish were biting. They were. A short 5 mile skip out to the reef had us pulling up fish from 60 feet of water in a big hurry. Yellow Tail Snapper. Grouper. Porkies. Wrasse. Sharks. Grunts. Florida fare. Some good eating; nothing for the record book. Lots of fun.

There were pool activities and noodle battles, "bird Olympics" with Sugar (you can call me Chicken) the Cockatoo, observation of an organized clambake going on down at the beach that involved seaweed collection from the nearby shore, and more of the kind of thing you see with people hanging out at poolside, and some steaks on the grill for a finishing touch.

From sun-up to sun-down, it sure was a great day.

Here's a slide show of the days activities:

And "Watch The Birdie"... or... the Florida Chicken Dance

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