Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Twin Moose, Chicken Salad, and a Water Bag

Spend all the time you like on this title- it won't turn out to be cute, clever, or anything of the kind. I'm too tired. Too sore. And too short on battery power to deal with all that at this moment in time. So what you get for now is a catch all...and that's all.

Here's a look at a big cow moose and her "twin" calves. They've paraded through camp a couple times and they walk the road back and froth from the Myers Fork Claim, and one day coming back from there on the four-wheeler we stopped to watch them browse in the marshy area just before we drive through the creek. She's a big girl! And the kids are growing fast. It was nice she let us watch for a time without feeling she needed to charge or otherwise drive us away or lead them away quickly. Given enough space to breath and feel safe, the family just pretty much went about their business of munching grasses in the meadow.

And the salad, well, there is no chicken in it- just the idea that everything in this salad was grown in Chicken in our small greenhouse at the Gold Camp. Bottom is a bed of radish seed gone bitter and to seed, but very aromatic, about seven different kinds of lettuce, a green zucchini picked small and sliced real thin in French cut style, some raw yellow summer squash and a couple slices of the same lightly grilled with a few pinches of green and purple basil tucked in the slices for fragrance. Two ripe tomatoes (Yes, in June, in Alaska) from our wicked expensive greenhouse starts purchased in Tok. A center spike of spinach thinnings and some fresh cilantro for a bit of a surprise.

The first salad of the summer seemed like a milestone, but back in the real world, it was off to the waterline while the power was "on" to fill the bladder we lug in the van to transfer water to the coach via a small electric motor that runs either off our generator or battery inverter system. Other than hard work, nothing gets taken for granted here. Keep up, keep going, or fall behind.

At the end of this month two years ago, this is what was happening then...

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Valdez Fishing Report Update: a look back at the day I got knocked off the derby winner board by a pair of "fisher-ladies" from Arkansas, but managed to land some nice salmon to ease the pain and agony of defish, I mean, defeat.


Mark and Chris said...

Hi Greg. We are in Watson Lake and going to Whitehorse for a few days before we move on to Dawson City and Chicken. Should be there on or about July 10th. Any room there for two class As? Looking forward to a little panning. Great job on your blog!

Greg said...

Should be room for two more, but please send e mail to the camp directly through the website at There is a caravan in on the 6th but they will be long gone by the 10th as far as I know. It is primarily dry camping here, but very nice. Water and dump available. NOT to be confused with "Goldpanner" down at the bottom of the hill, which you will pass driving here from Dawson City. We're the real deal! The cluck stops here!

squawmama said...

Great photos of the moose... I really enjoy your post. Thanks for all the info... We will be heading up there next summer.

Safe Travels

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