Sunday, July 19, 2009

Garden Update. More Moose, and a Modern Day Mining Mule

Lots and lots of daylight but often very cool nights have produced some interesting results in the greenhouse to date and with the flowers that we have growing just about everywhere. Between the truly wild flowers and the wild flowers we planted in designated sites and those grown from starts or seeds- this is a very colorful camp. Of all the gardens, for certain the most popular ones with the guests are located just outside the outhouse doors. Certainly these are the most photographed outhouses in all of Alaska (if not the entire rest of the world, which is only slightly larger than Alaska). Wildflowers, petunias, African daisies, and pansies have been selected and placed for maximum color accent. Of course the main entry way to the camp, the rock garden with the flags raising in the sky above, consists almost entirely of mariGOLDS. What else would you expect? Here, dredge buckets, old pots and pans, even the old wheelbarrows are planters. In fact anything and everything in the way of gold mining antiques that will hold dirt and water is a potential for planting- even the old iron "basket" that was used to carry the gold proceeds from the dredge to the camp office at the end of a cleanup.

So here's a look at how things are shaping up here near the mid summer point:

I haven't seen the moose and her twins up on the Myers Fork claim in a few days now, and apparently she (they) missed me so they came down to the camp and stood in the roadside pond by the camp sign that we recently updated and oiled. It's a nice sign- made even better by the real live moose hanging out and admiring the view into camp.

Meanwhile, back up at the claim this week, a modern day miner and his family demonstrated how the old timers used to go at the process. Oh sure some had a mule to pack things on, but there was still an awful lot that had to be carried by the miner and prospector regardless and here's the proof that the more things change, the more they stay the same: Looks like preparation for the Chilkoot Pass to me.

And here's a few more entries from our That Was Then series from the trip to Alaska of two years ago in this same time frame. We're on the go every bit as much this year but not nearly so much on the road, and there is a difference to be sure.

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I'll close for now with a look at some of the wildflowers from all across Alaska. It seems like every day on every path a new flower opens and takes a peek at life in this great state, if only for a short time before going back to rest for next year's appearance....


Big Bill said...

Wow... WOW!... Which one of you has the Green Thumb? You may want to roll up your sleeves and have a look, Im sure the pigment has traveled at least as far as your Elbow! That is if the pictorial evidence is to be taken into consideration. The beds are wonderful, so cheery... And the Greenhouse is a Jungle! I should say you maintain a healthy diet, it is clear that you have the opportunity to do so. Im thinkin you might have a good healthy crop of Rabbits too! LOL... The Pics really make me miss having a garden. I was hoping you would post pictures of the greenhouse. Thanks...

Looks like I will be heading up your way in late August. I am looking forward to meeting you guys in person and hanging out in Chicken for a day or so.

Keep the Bugs out of your eyes and dont let Mamma Moose run you over. Sounds like you guys are having the Time of Your Lives. Good for you.

See Ya Soon

Big Bill Anchorage AK

Greg said...

Thanks for keeping in touch Bill. Mike was asking me just the other day if I had heard from you as to when you might show up in Chicken. Since reading of your own adventures, I have put a lot of stock (would that be chicken stock?) in your comments and always appreciate hearing them. And, yes, there are lots of rabbits around these here parts! But so far the chicken wire fence I put up around the outside beds are keeping them at bay until the plastic covers them in the form of a gigantic cold frame later in August. We have some really yummy produce on the table just about every day and so far production seems to be keeping up with demand, although both of those are being ratcheted up just about daily.
Well, then, later in August it is for shaking your hand- something I have looked forward to all summer!
Best to you-

John from Wisconsin said...

Thank you for the interesting blog. I hope to visit Chicken next year.