Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Chicken Style

It was a Marilyn Milestone Birthday today- 'nuff said! Mike and Lou and the gang and The Tok Boys helped me with the details for a Chicken Style birthday surprise. The Tok Boys you say? Well, that's what we all call them affectionately and there is a larger story on them in the works that simply can't be told until the end of the season. But for now I will tell you that these are a couple of boys, uh, gentlemen, uh rugged Alaskan log-home-building, gold mining, tough as nails dudes and determined as a fox outside the hen house trying to get in. They have become real favorites of ours from the cast of characters that have played a role so far this summer. They are genuinely good guys. Exhuberant about life in general. We really just plain like them. They haven't quit the day jobs (yet) but mining is in the fever stage and they make the commute from Tok to go at the bedrock beamers every chance they get. We had them over for a quick bite before heading back one night and next trip up they rolled in with a watermelon for us - I think the basic idea being that someone in Chicken for the summer should get a dose of fresh produce now and again to ward off whatever ailments might befall those that have to go without, something on the order of a scurvy elimination program. That is hardly the case (we eat very healthy here to be sure), but it was a real treat as for certain one does not run down the hill to the convenience store and snap up a big ole watermelon whenever one feels the urge. Anyway, I don't mean to get too far along into the story line because I just plain will have too much fun telling it a bit down the road. Just want you to "get it" when you see how one of the birthday presents was "delivered" with their help. Consistantly successful miners that they are, I arranged to pick out a nugget from this year's "crop" of their dredging eyeopeners. Then they delivered in person the delivery vehicle as well.... you'll see!

I grew the flowers for the opccasion in the greenhouse. Lou baked a special fresh raspberry delight for breakfast, Mike and Debra teamed up to do a gift certificate for Chicken Gold Camp gift shop of native Alaskan items and local gold creations and collections and the whole thing fell into place quite nicely. My lovely wife thinks (or should I say thought) that I was not very accomplished when it came to keeping secrets leading up to special occasions and any type of gift giving event. But she doesn't think that any more! Thanks to everyone for their help!

And, oh yes, The Tok Boys. Not too big on being called "boys" any more. They are accomplished adults to be sure. Brad just gives you that look of his- pretty intense in a firm but pleasant manner. Keith comes right out with it, his favorite saying which he proudly uses whenever such "boyish" terminology is used in connection with the two of them:

"Dude, you wouldn't call an alligator a lizard would you???" And other than pictures form the day, I think I'll leave it right there for now....

Happy Birthday, Baby!

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