Monday, August 11, 2008

Pleathed and Thurprithed

My family has a "thing" where we use the post title phrase to report on pleasant happenings to each other. We are "both pleathed and thurprithed" when something nice takes place. Then we further comment by continuing, "but more pleathed than thurprithed" or "but more thurprithed than pleathed."
And so it is that a reader sent me a comment on my recent post, The Lesson of the Lobsterman. It seems she wrote a parallel piece on the same lobsterman (and saw the same Elvis) several years back. What a hoot! Thanks for the comment! Along with the comment came a note and a link telling us where she had seen and read our blog. I followed that link and was "both pleathed and thurprithed, but even more thurprithed than pleathed" to find there a list of what the site ( deems to be the top rv travel blogs on the web. I counted 44 U.S. blogs- and lo and behold there we are on that list.
One good turn deserves another, so I put a link on "my links" to that site. Feel free to check it out and discover some other terrific blogs which just might become part of you regular reading list.
Blogging is way more fun, and perhaps the slightest bit more addictive, that I ever thought possible. It's a great way to share experiences, thoughts and feelings with the world at large.

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