Thursday, August 7, 2008

Elvis - LIVE!

For those of you who are convinced that Elvis is still alive and well, try looking for his weekly show at the Narrows Too Campground in Trenton. No, not New Jersey. Trenton, Maine. As close as you can get to Bar Harbor without actually being there. It freaked us out a bit when Elvis himself showed up at the coach the afternoon before his big gig and personally invited us to be in attendance. Who in their right mind is going to turn down an invitation from Elvis? Not me. I am so going to that concert. We each got to make a request. Abby wanted to hear "Ain't Nuttin' But a Hound Dog."

Well, sir, Elvis rocked it and rolled it, wiggled it and twisted it and that act was so hot the fire alarm in the great hall got set off twice. I can't swear it was the hot act- possible it was the smoke from the special effects machine on the stage, but it sure added a new dimension to the act, and one that the performer made the most of. Look for Marilyn "up close and personal" with the big guy. She even got a scarf out of the gig!

Bruce Nye, The Elvis Guy had a packed house singing and grooving for a little better than an hour before "Elvis left the building...." Like the Mainers say, "That was some wicked fun, deah." What a hunk a burnin' love!

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