Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Visit From The Proctologist

Not MY Proctologist! You think I'm ever gonna write about that? Well, maybe, but certainly not here and not now! No, I'm talking about the coach's proctologist. The guy who comes out to your site with specialized equipment made to clean out your black and gray holding tanks and also your water heater tank if you are so equipped. A service that eliminates the plaguing problem of holding tank sensors that insist your tank is full or nearly full even though you know darn well you just emptied it 12 minutes ago.

Steve Korsvall and his son Lars, The RV Proctologist out of Quartzsite, Arizona, showed up right on time for a 10 AM appointment to "git 'er done." When was the last time your doctor showed up on time? As with all good medical meetings, we discussed the "problem," diagnosed the malady, and set out on a course of action to remedy the situation. Despite having heard to the contrary that proctological exams are uncomfortable and painful, this one turned out to be neither. And I hasten to add that as medical treatments go, this one was, relatively speaking, also very affordable. When the doctors finished their work, the "problem" was gone. That is my kind of medical results!

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